Are you feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to turn?  I am trained to listen and interact in ways that help you get to the very root of your concerns.  While a person can feel better after a good talk with a friend or relative, for moderate or severe emotional distress, this relief is only temporary. Talking with a trained therapist can help alleviate emotional distress for good. 

I offer you an opportunity to face your difficulties constructively and confidently; freeing you to enjoy all the good things life has to offer.

Irene Farsje is a psychotherapist serving Tacoma, Washington.  Since 1995, she has helped individuals and couples face numerous issues, including:

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Relationships 
  • Stress
  • Mood Concerns 
  • Low Self-Esteem 
  • Personal Growth 
  • Transitions/Adjustments 
  • Trauma and Childhood Abuse 
  • Quality of Life
You will most likely feel comfort and relief during your
first appointment as you realize that you are talking 
with someone you can trust to listen to you, ask appropriate questions and stay tuned into you, your emotions and your personal situation.  

I will answer your questions and provide ideas, encouragement, and information you can use to find solutions and relief.
Irene Farsje MA LMHC PLLC / North Tacoma Counselor provides mental health counseling, psychotherapy and coaching to individuals in Tacoma, Washington.  Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Mood Concerns, Low Self-Esteem, Personal Growth, Stress, Transitions/Adjustments, Quality of Life, Trauma and Childhood Abuse.  Copyright 2008 Irene Farsje All Rights Reserved.
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